To deliver comprehensive consulting, legal, and training solutions to governments, businesses, tribes, nonprofits, and other clients that generate sustained economic, social, environmental, and cultural prosperity.


Those we work with are leading the way economically, socially, environmentally, and culturally in healthy and thriving communities throughout the planet.

Prosper Sustainably’s CORE VALUES are:

  • INTEGRITY.  This is our highest value.  Your belief and trust in what we say and what we do, and our ability to follow through in a manner that exceeds expectations, is paramount.
  • OPEN AND CLEAR COMMUNICATION.  If there is progress, a setback, an issue, or an opportunity, Prosper Sustainably staff will communicate it clearly and promptly along with an assessment, options, and next steps.  We go out of our way to make sure that our clients know that their input and feedback is valued and encouraged.  We do everything in our power to ensure that everyone involved is fully informed and remains on the same page.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.  Always striving to be better is in our DNA.  Prosper Sustainably readily and freely shares the (non-confidential) insights, products, and resources it accumulates because everything we do is constantly evolving.  This allows us and those we serve to always stay one step ahead.
  • OPPORTUNITY MINDED.  We love transforming problems into opportunities and working with clients to come up with creative solutions to challenges, even those that seem insurmountable.  We are especially good at this because 1) we do our due diligence to fully research and understand the situation and all viable options, 2) we help clients think outside the box and see challenges in new ways, and 3) we believe there is an opportunity in every challenge.
  • TRANSPARENCY.  Prosper Sustainably is transparent in all client interactions, even while negotiating the contract and cost for our services.  Except when it comes to confidential or sensitive information, we are an open book.