Click on the links below each session title to download presentations and other materials


Strategic Planning and Building Programs that Last

Strategic Planning Session Presentation

Strategic Plan / Tribal Environmental Plan Template

Environmental Programs Objectives List Template


Sustainability Assessments & Strategies for Business and Government Operations

Sustainability Session Presentation

Sustainability Questionnaire


A Grant Writing Blueprint

Grant Writing Session Presentation

Funding Opportunity Announcement Review Template

Grant Strategy Checklist Template


Developing Tribal Environmental Codes

Tribal Codes Session Presentation

Tribal Environmental Code Research Resources

Research Log Template

Research Findings Review Template


Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Climate Change Planning for Tribes

Climate Change Session Presentation

Sample Climate Change Planning Strategic Plan / TEP Component


Solar Projects in Indian Country

Solar Projects Session Presentation


I want to thank the attendees that joined me for any part of this 6 session presentation marathon at the 2014 Tribal-EPA Annual Conference in Sacramento.  I appreciate the contributions of Bill Nelson (La Jolla), John Flores (San Pasqual), Nilmini Silva-Send (USD Law), Rob Roy (La Jolla), and Brian Teng (USD Law) in co-presenting, session facilitation, and with IT needs.  I am especially grateful to Tiffany Wolfe (Rincon) who co-presented 4 sessions with me, including back-to-back-to-back on Friday morning.  Lastly, I want to thank the conference coordinators for putting together an excellent event.

I hope that attendees find the information we presented during these session to be valuable.  Whether or not you were able to attend, I hope that the materials provided above contribute to accomplishing your tribe’s environmental program goals.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.