Prosper Sustainably is fortunate to work with the Pala Band of Mission Indians, located in northern San Diego, on several sustainability initiatives. Amongst these initiatives, we are supporting Pala’s national leadership in the area of tribal climate change and health. To continue their innovation in this area, we assisted Pala in pursuing 2019 funds through the National Indian Health Board’s (NIHB) Climate Ready Tribes program, which was recently awarded!

The award will allow Pala to implement the Collaborative Climate Adaptation for Tribal Community Wellbeing (CCATCW) project. This project aims to complete and implement a Pala climate adaptation plan that engages tribal community members and key partners in increasing tribal health, psychosocial and cultural wellbeing, and resilience to climate change. Pala will share its innovative approach, resources and best practices to help other tribes protect lives, wellbeing, and culture.

“With this funding, Pala will be able to continue focusing on solutions for adapting to the impacts of climate change on the health of our Tribal citizens,” stated Dr. Shasta Gaughen, Environmental Director for the Pala Band of Mission Indians. “Further, we can share what we have learned with Tribal communities throughout the country, thus contributing to better adaptation strategies and health outcomes for all of Indian Country.” Although each Tribe has proposed a unique project with a unique focus, all Tribes have expressed similar desires to take action in their communities and share knowledge and resources with other Tribes.

Dr. Gaughen and Prosper Sustainably’s Angie Hacker will present on the Collaborative Climate Adaptation for Tribal Community Wellbeing project at the upcoming NIHB Tribal Health Summit.