Prosper Sustainably is offering on-demand access to the ETEP Online Training Course’s robust and growing library of videos and resources.  This course is designed to help you develop and implement a high quality EPA-Tribal Environmental Plan (ETEP), baseline needs assessment, and strategic planning and management system that will advance your tribe’s goals in the most efficient, effective manner possible.  The full course includes over 20 hours of training videos plus an abundance of templates, examples, guides, and other resources that cover the topics described below.  New training videos and resources are also added to the training course periodically.

Registration for this course, which includes 2 years of online access to these on-demand videos and resources, is being offered for $384 (covers a single organizational unit).  Registration also will provide access to any videos and resources added to the course during the 2 year registration period.  This fee can be paid by credit card or check.  A convenience fee will apply to credit card payments.  To initiate the registration process, please email your request to

Prosper Sustainably has also directly assisted several tribes in developing and implementing an ETEP that has become an invaluable part of their environmental department’s operations.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Core Course Training Video Topics

  • Understanding ETEP Requirements, Components, and Processes
  • Scoping and Information Gathering
  • Developing a Baseline Needs Assessment
  • Identifying and Selecting Priority Program Areas
  • Identifying and Selecting Goals & Objectives
  • Preparing a Living, Adaptable ETEP Strategic Work Plan
  • Preparing an ETEP Narrative Document
  • Strategies for Managing and Organizing Objectives
  • Developing an Overarching and Complementary Strategic Plan
  • Utilizing, Reviewing, and Updating an ETEP and Strategic Plan

Supplemental and Advanced Training Video Topics

  • ETEP Strategic Work Plan Elements Walkthrough
  • Managing Common Objectives – ETEP Strategic Work Plan Training
  • Updating an ETEP Strategic Work Plan Training
  • Managing Employee Time and PivotTables – ETEP Strategic Work Plan Training
  • Converting to Word Document and Printing – ETEP Strategic Work Plan Training
  • Filtering and Sorting – ETEP Strategic Work Plan Training
  • Reviewing and Updating an ETEP Strategic Work Plan Program Cutsheet
  • Assigning Staff and Other Responsibilities for ETEP Strategic Work Plan Objectives
  • Creating a Word Document Program Area Cut Sheet for Performing an Annual Update of a Strategic Work Plan
  • Reviewing and Revising a Program Area Cut Sheet for Annual Update
  • Training on Using an ETEP Strategic Work Plan to Prepare Grant Work Plans
  • Creating an Individual Staff Member Cut-Sheet
  • Creating an Individual Staff Member Cut-Sheet with Annual Tables
  • Modifying Dropdown Menu Options within an Enhanced ETEP Strategic Work Plan Spreadsheet
  • Conducting an Individual Staff Member Strategy Meeting Training Series (coming soon)

To view an introductory video, please visit:  For other free ETEP resources offered by Prosper Sustainably, please visit our Tribal Resources page.

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