Prosper Sustainably is hosting a webinar on Developing and Implementing a Strategic Plan Webinar at 10am PST on Thursday, July 9, 2015.  To register for this webinar please click here.

Developing and implementing a strategic plan is perhaps the most important and powerful activity that any organization can undertake.  Effective strategic planning and management clarifies an organization’s highest goals, creates and maintains alignment with those goals, and optimizes resources.  When done well, strategic planning and management also leads to manageable and proactive shifts in an organization’s direction when circumstances inevitably change. 
During this webinar Josh Simmons will describe the elements and process of developing and implementing a “living” strategic plan that is designed to be utilized on an ongoing basis to guide an organization.  Josh will demonstrate how to prepare a Strategic Work Plan that provides the ability to organize, track, and report objectives, performance metrics, resources, and other important information through a customizable spreadsheet.  In addition, he will offer ideas and advice for establishing a strategic planning and management system that, if properly developed and effectively utilized, will enable an organization to achieve and sustain unprecedented success.