Prosper Sustainably is hosting a free webinar on “Understanding Your ETEP Rights” on Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 10:00am11:30am PDT.  To register for this webinar please click here.

This purpose of this webinar is to help participants understand the requirements for an EPA-Tribal Environmental Plan (ETEP) according to the May 2013 GAP Guidance.  The webinar will be valuable for tribal and EPA representatives at any stage in the ETEP process including developing an ETEP component and commitments in a GAP Work Plan, developing an ETEP, and implementing a completed ETEP.

Through Prosper Sustainably, I have worked with tribes on 4 tribal ETEP projects and have conducted 3 ETEP trainings (including in-person workshops with the ITCA and OVIWC).  Through this work I have encountered issues that are preventing the benefits of ETEP development and implementation processes from being maximized by both tribes and the EPA.  In my opinion, the only way to effectively resolve these issues is through the widespread awareness and understanding of these issues and their corresponding options.  I hope this webinar will be a catalyst for helping tribes and the EPA fulfill the potential of all ETEPs, which can serve as a highly useful and effective strategic planning and management tools.

If you are experiencing ETEP issues that you want to be addressed OR if you are experiencing ETEP successes, benefits, and advice that you want to share with others, please email them to me at  To the extent possible, I will seek to communicate and address these issues and successes through this webinar and/or future trainings.  In addition, I will summarize and forward this information along to key people that can help re-shape the ETEP process.