Prosper Sustainably is hosting a Tribal Environmental Code Development Webinar on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 10am PST.  This webinar will provide a brief overview and limited guidance on the process of drafting tribal environmental codes, ordinances, and regulations that cover environmental review, permitting, enforcement, waste, water, air, emergency response, hazardous materials, and more.  To register for this webinar, please click here.
Josh Simmons been instructing ITEP Tribal Waste Code Development workshops since 2009 in which he provides a step-by-step process and resources for developing tribal waste laws.  During this webinar Josh will share some of the basics from this course.  In addition, he will share additional regulatory resources and insights that gained while recently drafting a comprehensive tribal environmental code on behalf of a client.  One of the resources that will be shared will be an extensive spreadsheet database of tribal environmental laws in the areas environmental review, air, water, waste, etc.
It is recommended that a tribal representative attempting to draft and adopt a tribal environmental law and other regulatory mechanisms seek the advice and involvement of a qualified attorney with experience in both tribal and environmental law (these two very unique and distinct areas of law).  This webinar is intended to be a primer and help you get the most out of any attorney you choose work with.  An understanding of this process will help your tribe draft and adopt an effective law, rather than a law that is difficult to understand, implement, or enforce and that could end up not used and buried on a shelf or in your electronic files.